IronBlood Reborn

There comes a point in ones life where they may need to reinvent their self. This is something I’ve worked hard at over the last year. All my mistakes and circumstances were a learning curve. The same person I was in my twenties is not the same person I am now. This is the main reason I became IronBlood instead of being known as myself online. It didn’t take much to find me if you knew me but Facebook was my main social platform. 10 years of being on that platform, and after surviving severe depression, divorce, finding more about my history, and having found I have a genetic anomaly called hemochromatosis (my blood has a tendency to retain iron, odd mutant power I know) ┬ámy self that I was online no longer represented me.

Long story short. Someone reported my last name change to Facebook and they don’t allow pseudonyms because they don’t care how secure you feel, so I cannot be myself online through that medium anymore. It came at the right time, where in a post Obama world, Facebook is nothing but a vile cesspool of click bait articles and un-intellectual hypocrites. The people I wanted to keep in touch with just fall into the oblivious garbage recycling of content daily. I’ll miss seeing some people’s ideas, but overall, getting out of that toxic environment is for the best.

I want my own place online, where I can be myself. Being IronBlood now is more to me than the just a last name change.

My day job isn’t who I am.

My ID isn’t who I am.

The person who pays tax isn’t who I am.

Hell, that person isn’t even the person I was born as.

Who I am now is the person who survived. I may share a lot of similarities to the person I was, but I don’t feel the same way inside anymore.

This site will be a new beginning to my thoughts and creative ideas.