Long time no update.

So I’ve had a lot going on the last month. Been playing a lot of Starcraft 2 and Heros of the Storm in my downtime from work, which isn’t a lot.  

I just recently got back from a good friend’s wedding in Texas which I officiated. It was a 2000 mile round trip, so needless to say I’m catching back up to regular work schedule. 

I went back to work yesterday to find out I’m now a regular employee with full benefits starting Saturday. Our pay period starts Saturday, so this is a little milestone in my work life that will open up further opportunities. 

I’m also slowly working on a screenplay script that I believe has great promise on being an excellent show. I just need to hunker down and actually write, so far I’m just in drafts and a million little ideas stage. 

There is also this Mass Effect Andromeda collaboration review I need to get to. 

I’ve basically fallen off the map lately. I just need to get back into my routine. 

Now I just need to get ready for work. 

That is all for now. 

13 Reasons Why

So I have a story about the author of this book, that is now an extremely well done series on Netflix.

When I was still a student at NKU, Jay Asher came to do a book signing, it was an auditorium presentation followed by atrium selling and autograph session with a smaller open floor readings upstairs. I never heard of him before or read his book. 

I was there to read something I wrote because someone invited me to come. It was an extremely dark piece, one that actually was dark enough that the person who talked me to coming stopped really talking to me after hearing it. 

I was in serious pain at that time in my life. Depression, divorce, constant suicidal thoughts. 

My hands shook with each line I read, my heart pounded so loudly I don’t remember hearing myself. It was a very personal thing, emotions and all. Very dark. 

I had multiple people talk to me afterwards asking if things in it were true. 

That is the last piece of my writing I’ve ever read publicly. 

I remember that look on Jay Asher’s face, I wasn’t sure how to define it. He gave me another glance later before I left after everyone was done with their readings and now I wish I would have taken the time to talk with him. 

I never read his book that he was promoting. 13 Reasons Why. Wasn’t that interested in the concept of the story. So last night I saw it was on Netflix, I thought, “why not? I met te author” I binge watched 8 episodes in a row, I have to work in like 6 hours or I’d be on my way to finishing it. Episode 8 is what made me think of my time briefly meeting him, after seeing that episode I think I understood that look he gave me. 

It wasn’t the same kind of look the potential friend I never made had on her face. Kind of like he understood the personal depth that piece had, and maybe some worry. 

Maybe I may find a copy of it sometime, however that person is no more, so sharing it even after a hefty edit wouldn’t matter.  I was spot editing in pen on my printed copy minutes before I read it, including long lines moving paragraphs and sentences around, rewording, the works. What reads in my head doesn’t always flow spoken English in a correct manner that sounds right out loud. That sentence for expample probably makes no sense. 

Luckily for you, the blog reader, this is usually a brain dump, flaws and all. I can edit the hell out of other people’s work, but editing my own stuff is usually kept to a minimal on thought exercise vs professional work. If I’m getting graded or paid, you better believe it will be edited with the level of criticism that makes me hate myself. 

Either way, watch this show, read the book, do both. After I’m done I will be buying the book, like I should have done when I could have had him autograph it. 

I will say as a warning, there are subjects in this that may be triggers for some people. If you have no idea what a trigger is, you’re probably someone who really should read this. 

Mass Effect Countdown

I have been intentionally keeping away from game teasers. Aside from seeing the main trailer and knowing it’s after our last Trilogy, I’m going to fully immerse myself in this new universe once it becomes available. Meaning, my fights in any Blizzard universe will come to an end. What even is a season 10 in Diablo 3? 

Nova and Arbathur can wait. 

WoW? I need to cancel that subscription, I keep forgetting.

Under Construction 

I am still in the process of adding to this blog, not all formats are finalized and once I get time and motivation more will be added too. 

I also have plans for my YouTube channel where I have ideas I plan to bring to that format that will also be posted here. So we shall see where this new web path brings me in the coming year. 

Post Title Goes Here

It’s been 4 days since I posted anything, but I had Zerg and Terran forces to slay during the weekend and poof Monday was here and I had to work again. 

I don’t want to get into a habit of not writing, because then all I have is games and work. Sometimes I just don’t have a lot to say. 

It has been an amazing experience leaving Facebook though. All those lull moments where I would check to see what other people were doing are filled reading things that are actually relevant. No more garbage memes and click bait for days. I read news and articles, even if the president thinks they are fake. One of my favorite things to read lately is @roguepotusstaff on twitter. The insights into this administration are hilarious. We do have a toddler in office, a spoiled one at that. 

That’s it for now, just came in to fill the gap of days, heading for work now.