Internet Garbage

It’s interesting once you get away from Facebook, how much of that stuff is utter garbage. Waste of my time, and I’ve been reading things that actually interest me in my spare time when I’m not working.

Things I’ve done since my last post:

Went to the ass end of Comic Con on Saturday, saw Dante from Clerks.

Worked. A lot.

Played a lot of Starcraft 2. The co-op mode has been fun yet the maps get boring after repetition. That isn’t bad though considering each character you can play adds a different depth to what your options are.

Am about to pay off one of my bills permanently.

Big Little Lies on HBO is worth the watch. How they got this cast is beyond me, but it’s a good one.

Brief update as I’ve been busy with work and lack of sleep due to a pain I wake up to regularly because I need dental work.