Mass Effect Andromeda Take Two

Again, with as little spoiler as possible. The game is growing on me more as I develop my relations with my team and learn the combat system more. Jump jets and boosting will come in handy when something the size of a reaper kills scientists and you gotta take it out on foot.

Bonus points for the husk being visible in orbit.

Basically they’ve made Mass Effect more like Dragon Age in this installment. Instead of connect the dots, you get alien sudoku. This game feels more like the game I was expecting Destiny to be, without having to rip off everything from Mass Effect, because it is Mass Effect. (Seriously, vex were just like the prothean reaver drones, collectors? If I remember correctly.)

I upgraded the Nomad to hopefully have a better drive experience on my next planet. I’m done with one planet for the most part and have yet to finish off a few side things on the first one. I shall nickname them Tatooine and Hoth for now, when you experience them, you’ll know what I mean.

Seriously though, if you have yet to fight something giagantic in size, start practicing your strafing with jet boosts asap. It will make the fight easygoing. That and a high powered sniper rifle, so keep upgrading and making new ones. Don’t let your guns fall behind your level progression.

The hardest part for me is I’ve been spending so much time trying to play between work, I haven’t been able to keep up with mineral resources to ensure I have the latest blueprints developed for my level and have the resources to make them when I do.

The new friendly race is probably my most preferred companion.

And get an Asari Sword, it makes the omnitool look like a toothpick in battle.

Wish I had it during my big Hoth assault on a base, especially with the four augmentations I made it with.

As lackluster as it seemed diving in, I feel like I was more engaged and can’t wait to find out more. This weekend cannot come soon enough. Housing and feeding myself takes too much time from exploring new galaxies. Off to sleep now, what little I get this opening week.

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