Mass Effect Andromeda Third update.

I didn’t push as hard rolling into my Thursday night, Friday morning.

The game has seemed underwhelming at first but the more I play it, and the story fleshed out, the more I wonder why I had mixed feelings about it. Then I realized that it was basically because I went into this game the same way the hero does. Cryo storage into a new universe. It’s not like Fallout 4 where you start the game in your previous life. You just wake up, expecting a new exciting adventure, then shit hits the fan quickly. You don’t have time to process all the new stuff, things are frustrating, and you don’t get to go back home.

This new hero experience is the same experience the player is getting between our first Trilogy and the long dark wait for something new. A fresh start.

I will say the more I play, the more interesting bugs/glitches I find. Enemies falling between walls, being able to use the sword to warp behind doors, dialogue windows locking as my team engages hostile units. Nothing that crashes the game so far,

The Nomad works better with speed and traction upgrades, but still works better in reverse. This vehicle should handle how it does in reverse, instead of forward.

That’s it for now, I’m pretty much done with Hoth, went back to Tatooine to finish some side things I didn’t do. Saved some alien lives and a matriarch. Killed an alien commander point blank with a sniper rifle one handed unsupported.

Justifiable renegade move.

I need to sleep, maybe tomorrow I will visit Citadel 2.0. I haven’t been there since first contact with my new aliens and even earning their trust and establishing trade and cooperation, so basically some people there are going to have a lot to say to me that I don’t have time for tonight.

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