Mass Effect Andromeda First Week Impressions

Okay, so this is the entire first week of my play so far. My progress is a bit over 60 hours, and the game says 73% complete. I’ve done a lot, and know more than some may that try to play the first time spoiler free.

This game is exciting the further in you go, it kind of drew me in the more involved I got with the characters. I have done almost every loyalty mission minus one, which I think I got the start of last night before logging off of my weekend binge.

There are many decisions I feel will have lasting effects, yet they are tough calls. Most involve killing a specific person, or saving one over many. It’s not hard to see the potential outcome but even seeing it is a hard one. It feels like playing Rick from TWD in trying to give certain people the benefit of the doubt, the further I go I feel more like Alexandria Rick than Hershel farm Rick.

There doesn’t seem to be a visible renegade paragon system like previous ME games unless I missed it somewhere. And usually and conversation trigger prompts involve shooting first or hugging. More Han vs Greedo than Danny Tanner moments for sure.

I don’t really know what else to say I haven’t in my previous reviews so far other than, it grows on you the more you do.

There are obviously more bugs the further you go too. I’ve had many enemies fall through the floor or inside walls. Ryder’s cup disappears a lot while he takes a drink at a bar. I’ve been engaged by enemies while in a dialogue screen with no quick way to back out of that screen so I die. I’ve been locked out of objective doors forcing a quick reload.

Bugs aside, the combat system is fun, the weapons and customizations for them are fun. The story makes more sense once you unlock the last of Sr. Ryder’s memories on where it fits into the previous Trilogy.

I haven’t finished it yet, but I feel the end is just going to be the beginning of a true Mass Effect experience that could rival the old Trilogy. This is just the little corner of Andromeda we have been let loose on. The building of new civilizations, and the mention of quarian ark being late to follow could have big implications if you know what I know as of right now.

The only Milky Way species in Andromeda at the moment are Human, Turian, Salarian, Krogan, and Asari.

They mentioned the Quarians were late departing, but it was a very small note in the important rush of everything else going on, and there has been a lot. Most everything is made urgent, and feels like you should rush too it right away. By the time Sunday hit, I had twelve side quests that all seemed urgent, and spent the day making sure they were all dealt with before the next “Priority” mission.

It’s a lot to process still. Real life catches up however, and now I need to get ready for work.

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