Mass Effect Andromeda Completion

So I’ve managed to finish the main story, the only things left for me are minor tasks without waypoints and muliplayer.

Everything else is just waiting for dlc and more story.

Overall impressions. The end leaves a lot of questions still. Like I thought before, the end would just be the beginning of this new galaxy. Things left unanswered and still no real word on the Quarian Ark. This lack of word could have multiple implications regarding departure timeline.

Other things in question, what happened to the main director of the Initiative. Kett. Angarian future relations. Remnant tech.

After finishing there is some minor things to do, or go back to finish if you didn’t, but I did everything I could before the final mission that could be tracked, including exploring all planets. No side quest left undone. Like I said, tasks that are not important, and cannot be tracked. Things I leave for later when I can YouTube more ambitious over achievers to find the last couple things I didn’t do. I have plenty of resources and credits, I had a good outcome with everything for the most part. Nobody died that I recall. The ending just kind of resolved, happily ever after.

End fight was easy, granted I was maxed on all abilities I used, along with all passives, had a good weapon arrangement, and modded some killer weapons. The worst part of it is the waiting time that seems pointless. Hurry up and wait. Shoot, kill kill, shield regen, dodge, repeat. Nothing fancy, nothing special, the first Architect fight was more difficult because I didn’t know what to expect.

I kind of wanted more, I’m not disappointed, just feel like it wasn’t enough. How clean the ending was, was almost like BioWare kissing everyone’s ass after how ME:3 ended before the patch. How it ended seemed less likely than the reality of the situation.

Maybe I need to explore a bit more and finish some tasks, make sure there is nothing I missed, but it just seems empty now. Less than 100 hours of gameplay.

I feel less inclined to replay this right away, would definitely buy DLC, but it’s just over. I have way too much AVP, it registers negative 3k for next unlock. I have plenty of research points, for mostly weapons I don’t care to make, because the ones I have acquired blueprints for without research are better, even for improved versions, the only exception being my maxed Black Widow sniper.

I finished the game just to hit the beginning of a story that hasn’t even started. Dark space.

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